Miscellaneous MIICE materials

NOTE: Zip files are (compressed) collections or archives of (several) files. To open a Zip file you may need additional software.

On Windows computers (from Windows 95 through to Windows XP) you can get a freeware package called WiZ from the Info-ZIP consortium. Drag the Zip file to the icon for WiZ to open up the contents
Download the Windows version of WiZ
On Macintosh computers (either Mac OS Classic or Mac OS X) you should find Stuffit Expander as part of the supplied applications. Drag the Zip file to the icon for Stuffit Expander to open up the contents

MIICE partnership

MIICE initial report - published in August 2001, explaining the background to the MIICE initiative and how the partners went about the process of articulating and validating the MIICE quality framework; it also includes the original version of the MIICE toolbox [PDF only]
Download MIICE initial report as a PDF file (56pp)

David Walls developed a database approach using the MIICE toolbox to help with the work of evaluation of use of ICT for learning and teaching in Edinburgh schools in 2001/02. David later developed an Access database to allow anyone to record evidence for reviewing ICT using the MIICE approach
Download the MIICE toolbox in an Access file (1.1Mb)
Download the manual in a Word file (4 pages)